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To cast a spell is to perform a ritual or ceremony. We perform a ritual by using our voice to create sacred space, set our intentions, make a declaration and to communicate energy in frequency form as well as using our body with a physical task, motion or dance to physically draw our intention from the ether into the physical plane of existence. This is one simple way of manifesting, transforming and focusing our energy for a specific outcome. This is why affirmations and voicing your gratitude can be so healing and transformational. Most Modern humans aren't consciously aware of how powerful our intentions, declarations, words and affirmations truly are. We once understood the profound magick and power of our words and it is hidden within the etymology of words like spelling, abracadabra and, I am. So when we speak our wishes out loud to the moon during the fertile New Moon Phase or voice our releasing's and forgiving's during the potent Full Moon phase this amplifies our intentions casting a "spell" into the universe of the great spirit, God, Source or however you refer to the energy of creation.  Therefore it is critical to be crystal clear with your words.  We have already learned about how to make clear wishes from the heart and if you need a refresher you can review the New moon Wishing Guide.

Here are a few example Spells and Affirmations that you can use or adjust to make into your own spells.


"I am grateful for all the blessings in my life, especially my health. The divine intelligence of my True Self knows how to restore my body, mind and spirit in perfect balance and harmony. I am surrounded by a healthy and healing aura. May this excellent state of health that I now experience continue. I am appreciative and give thanks to True Self for focusing this energy to me. AND SO IT IS."


"I release my anger about (person or event). My anger is a choice that I no longer choose anymore. I recognize when I get angry and I release my frustrations and disappointments from my system. I honor my feelings and I understand that happiness and inner peace is a choice I must consciously make. I heal my anger and I choose happiness and inner peace.The next time I get angry bring forth the reminder that anger is a choice. I realize that I can control this anger.I am stronger and healthier for acknowledging my feelings and releasing the anger from my being. Surround me with the vibrations of serenity and positivity. AND SO IT IS."

"Today I made a forceful choice, to start to live, hence I rejoice. My anger is leaving, blessings be, I am revived, I am set free."


"Today I have chosen to finally make a change in my life. I have made this decision for myself and I am showing this part of me that I can be happy, fulfilled and at peace without this addiction. The time has come because I say it is time. It was a part of my evolution in life. I have been there and learned this is not how to spend the rest of my life. As the moon provides me with the positive strength and energy I need and with my True Divine Self and my Ancestors as my witness: I release my addition to _____. I release the need to know all the answers I continue to ask myself about this excessive behavior. At this stage in my life, I open myself to positive change. I separate myself from people and situations that will tempt me. I know when I use my addiction for fulfillment and I will feel the void. I invite the void into my life and I am excited with the opportunity for it to be filled with positive change. I will fill the void with the following positive influences _____________________________________. If I feel I am unable to to completely help myself, I will seek professional help from others who have dealt with this before. My very intention today with this powerful moon above has already started a flow of energy to reduce this excessive behavior. The next time I feel the need to (state addiction), I will return to this declaration. I release my addiction to _______." (repeat three times).

"I find more strength here every day, my will is gaining so I say, take this concern, it is now unbound, I am released, my soul is found."


"Today I choose tranquility over fear. Today I choose strength over fear. Today I choose trust over fear. I am in control over my emotions and today I release the fear from my being."

"The candle burns, so does my fear, to the divine I ask you hear. Protect me from this constant dread, this spell is done and all is said!"

1. Shut off all phones and distractions.

2. Take a cleansing shower or bath for greater clarity and deeper insight

3. Put pets and children that will disrupt the ceremony in another room 

(I personally let my pets participate in my lunar ceremonies even if they make a mess but if they will break my focus  and are feeling too needy in that moment then I would leave them in another room. Example: for our nightly gratitude ritual we leave my dog Parker downstairs because he barks, huffs and puffs and stomps in protest).

4. Gather all the supplies, reinforcements and 'ceremonial cauldron' that have been calling out to me for this ritual and bring them to my ceremonial area which is currently my kitchen or back deck when it's warm enough. Ideally I would have a ceremonial site in my yard where I can have a ceremonial fire.

5. Play New Moon ceremonial music. Link to one of my favorites HERE. 

6. Clean and prepare ceremonial space

7.Intentionally place all my supplies (candles, gemstones, salt, herbs, etc.) and ritual reinforcements (deities, plants, animals, gemstones, representations, ancestors, etc.) in the 4 directions creating a ceremonial circle.

8. Relax, breathe consciously and connect with my heart, my true self and my team of spirit guides.

9. Call in sacred space with my invocation.

10. Sit and introspectively and consciously write down my New Moon wishes which have usually been swirling around my mind for a few days, weeks or even months for very large manifestations.

11. Read my wishes out loud to the Moon.

12. Date and sign my wishes and hand them over to a special box protected by a deity I work with a lot, Ganesh.

13. Listen and do what ever else the Moon, the great Spirit and my Spirit Guides ask of me for this ritual. 

(i.e. prepare and give an offering, putting something on paper, burn something, create a crystal grid, perform a song and dance, etc.)

14. Once i finish my ceremony I sit in stillness and gratitude for as long as I feel necessary.

15. Clean up my ceremony site and place all my ritual supplies and reinforcements in there designated areas.

1. Let the Divine do its magick meanwhile we continue to energetically embody our New Moon Wishes 

Once you have written down your New Moon Wishes, read them out-loud to the Moon and performed your New Moon ritual, in that moment, you are handing your wishes over to the Divine then and there.


That being said, during the Waxing Cycle, which is from New to Full Moon, you do want to keep working on them. Visualizing them is a really good idea. Think of it like day-dreaming about something which makes you so happy. Keep in mind things don’t always happen right away and there actually seems to be a little bit of magic in forgetting what you wished for. In the waxing cycle it’s really good to keep visualizing. See how good you feel when you do it. Can you believe it? Can you feel it in your body? If you can, you’re on the right track.


You should also be looking out for “signs during the New to Full Moon waxing cycle. I’m talking about messages from the cosmos which are signs you’re on the right track. 


2. Affirm with Affirmations

One thing you will realize is that it’s a process. When we make our New Moon Wishes and perform a ritual around them we are setting new realities in motion as we do this. Understanding that we possess the power to bend reality and create it. We are all living in a world where we reap what we sow and humans are divine creators on this planet. It does not immediately, it all occurs in divine accordance but we do hold the power to create and bend new realities. So, plant the seeds during the New Moon and continue to visualize and affirm until the Full moon. 

3. Take inspired action

Take action! Like I said, this isn’t abracadabra (which allegedly means “With my words I create”). This is a process. You have to take action. Taking action will show you more that what you want is possible! If your wish is to be your best healthy, fit  and radiant self and one of the actions you commit yourself to do is a daily online Zumba session then every time you do that, you will believe just a little bit more that you are a divine creator and you can create your new reality.

Lionsgate Ritual

You will need...

* Aura Cleansing Tool of Choice (herb sticks, incense, oils, wands, etc.)

* Cardboard, poster board and colored pens/pencils art supplies

* Candle

* 3 crystals or talismans to use during your ceremony


1. Create Sacred Space and cleanse your aura using your tool of choice, and then your surroundings. As you cleanse your aura feel free to recite the following-

“My body is my temple, my heart is full of peace, my mind is clear and open, and I am ready to release. I release all that is heavy, I release all that weighs down my soul. I let it go. I let it go. I am restored and whole, my energy does flow. I am in my power, I am in my strength, and from this place, I hold the light for myself and my place in the world. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

2. Next, prepare to do the cosmic crystal recharging meditation. You will need three crystals for this meditation, but you can also substitute them with fresh flowers or any talismans of your choosing. In this meditation, you will be guided to recharge and cleanse your energy fields and bath in the magnificent loving light of Leo. This will cleanse your energy fields and open your energy centers to increase your power and inner strength. You will be guided by the light of the compassionate Leo.

3. After your meditation, light your candle and grab your cardboard and colored pens. On your board, begin drawing, creating symbols, or writing words of all you wish to attract into your life and all you feel grateful for. Allow your creativity to take over. Just create something that makes you feel good when you look at it. Think of it like a vision meets gratitude board. 

4. Once your board is complete, hold it with both hands, and in front of the light of your candle, recite the following–

“Under the Leo New Moon, I give thanks for all my blessings. I ask all that I have created on this board be manifested into my life. I ask for guidance in taking steps to turn my desires into reality. May the next best steps appear to me with clarity and ease. I understand that all will unfold in perfect timing. Sending gratitude and love to the heavens and above. Thank you.”

5. Place your board somewhere you can see it regularly. Once you feel you are done with your board you will be inwardly guided on what to do with it. 

*Follow your heart and customize this ritual for you.

Additional NEW Moon Ritual Ideas

Wishing Ritual

1. Create Sacred Space using an invocation or creating a ceremonial Space

2. If you have a Wish List from last month, read it over, to see which came true – then thank the Universe. If it’s clear one or two wishes are no closer to coming true, consider revising them. What on your list have you gotten closer to?

3. Decide on your Top Ten Wishes for the coming four weeks. Be as specific or vague as you want to be. (Refer to the Cosmic Library Wishing Guide for guidance on creating the BEST wishes)

4.Write your wishes and down in your Lunar Club Workbook. Use colored pens and  pencils to enhance your wishes with the power of color! The more energy you invest, the better your results are likely to be.

5. Read them out to the Universe then either sleep with them under your pillow until the Full Moon, save them for future reference, or if you're truly enlightened bury or burn your list. THIS IS THE CRUCIAL BIT: Really really FEEL how you would/will feel if and when the wishes come true. Hold those feelings.

6.Repreat 3 times out loud. “I surrender to the Divine Mother” This implies a trust that the Moon Goddess will bring you what is best for you... 

7. Give thanks to the Moon and the Universe for answering your call. Add to you gratitude an offering (Song, Dance, Poem, verbal thank you, etc.)Good luck and blessings! 

8. Get on with your week. Do all YOU can to make your wishes come true.

Intention: I am a divine creator.

*Follow your heart and customize this ritual for you.

intention setting ritual 

An intention is a guiding principle with which to live by. Your intentions should define how you want to feel, the things you would like to experience and the personal qualities and strengths you want develop. Think about your core values, and the kind of life you want to live. Intentions should be written in the present tense and in a positive form. For example, instead of saying "I want to stop eating so much junk food" you could write "I feel healthy and vital". The first one is a goal - but the second is the intention (the "why") behind the goal.

This is just a suggestion - always be open to your own intuition to create a variation that feels right for you.

Begin by cleansing your sacred space - this can be done by smoke purification or lightly spraying with moon water or liquid smudge.

Center yourself in any way that feels comfortable - deep breathing, free drawing, chanting, meditating or using singing bowls.

Focus on formulating your intentions, what do you truly want from your life? Keep your intentions positive and motivating. You can also use oracle cards to get insight into what it is you truly desire.

Light a candle, then write each of your intentions on a separate piece of paper. Say each one aloud, then spend a few minutes visualizing that it has already manifested.

Hold the intention in your mind and do any any of the following:

- Create a crystal grid around it

- Burn it in a fireproof container

- Bury it in soil (write your intention on seeded paper)

- Place it in a bowl of water

When you are done with all of them, blow out the candle and thank the universe in advance for manifesting your intentions.

*Follow your heart and customize this ritual for you.

Divination Ritual

Need guidance for making wishes and how to plan out your future? This divination ritual will help bring clarity to you.

1. Create Sacred Space.(Refer to the Cosmic Library Moon Invocation for guidance on creating Sacred Space) 

2. Take 5 minutes to get grounded. Connect with yourself, connect with Mother Earth, and Connect with Mother Moon Goddess.

3. Ask a question to the universe and pull an oracle card for guidance for your future.You may repeat as much as you need.


Intention:I am clear with my intentions.


*Follow your heart and customize this ritual for you.

Try Something New! Ritual

The New Moon is the most fertile time to start something new!

listen to the call of your intuition and courageously try something new. 

Plant a seed for a new beginning in your life.

Start a new good habbit.

Start a new routine.

Make travel plans.

Pick up an old lost and forgotten hobby.

Cook a new recipe.

Try a new experience.

Do something that reminds you you are ALIVE!

Intention: I see the world with a new set of eyes.

Vision Board Ritual

Create the life of your dreams on a vision board. Use your WILD imagination and dream BIG.  Get creative and crafty and use anything and everything to create this magnificent vision board of your dreams

Intention: I am a divine creator.

*Follow your heart and customize this ritual for you.

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