When making wishes we want to make sure we are doing everything right!  Here is a quick guide to making New Moon wishes that will DEEPLY TRANSFORM your life and how you operate in this world. This is a MUST READ!

Mother Earth is the planet where we reap what we sow. By being conscious of what we TRULY want to harvest in our lives (the dreams we want to see come true) and by planting the seeds at the appropriate time, we can manifest the divine dreams of our heart and soul. This is one of the most paramount lessons we will be exploring throughout this year together. Wishes don't always  come to full fruition in the approximate 29.5 day cycle between New Moons, but once a seed has been planted, they will begin to come true in the months ahead. Be sure to make your wishes up to 48 hours after the exact time of the New Moon and, for the most potent time make your wishes within the first 8 hours.  Be sure to physically hand-write your wishes down on paper and read them out loud to the universe. Once you start consciously creating your life in accordance to the natural rhythms and cycles of the universe you will quickly find yourself operating in a completely different dimension of reality I like to call the MIRACLE ZONE.

If you haven't already figured it out yet the world we live in is a truly magical place where miracles happen every single day! All you need to do is figure out how to operate within the MIRACLE ZONE.  Now, miracles are defined as an extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is said to be the work of god. Miracles are a gift from the divine, We can't create them but we can create the conditions for miracles to come into our life. In fact this is what we were born to do! Now in order to create miracles you have to put yourself within the vibrational frequency where miracles happen--the frequency where ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. This is the frequency we need to be operating in when we are making our New Moon wishes. Remember, you deserve the miracles and wishes you desire--the miracles and wishes that you are seeking are also seeking you! When the universe grants us our wish it is a true divine miracle so in order to experience great success with your New Moon wishes lets take a closer look at the intentions behind your New moon Wishes.

 If you wish and wish and wish and your wish doesn’t come true and you don’t actually even seem to be getting and closer, then it’s time to contemplate if it’s the right wish for you as well as examine the intention behind your wish. Stay away from ego-based wishes like I want a million dollars or i want to lose 20lbs. Wishes that come from the voice of the ego will not be granted by the universe. This means we need to shift our wishes from an ego-based intentions to soul-based intentions because miracles exist in the realm of the soul.  Soul-based wishes feel expansive and align with your soul purpose and True Self.  Therefore, it may not be your divine destiny to be rich or maybe you need to first fulfill your soul purpose before you can experience such wealth.  Either way, instead of wishing to be rich you can wish for more abundance and prosperity to flow more easily into your life. Now, embody the feelings of ease and freedom allowing abundance and prosperity to more easily flow to you. For a wish like this you must also KNOW and OWN your inherent worthiness. If you don't fully OWN your worthiness then the universe is going to have a hard time delivering you the miracle that is also seeking you. 

How do you know If you have an issue with worthiness? Ask yourself the following questions: Do i have a hard time accepting help from others? Do i have a hard time accepting gifts from others? Do i have a hard time accepting compliments from others? Do i feel guilty when getting help from others? Do you feel like you have to repay someone two-fold for help? Do you down play all the goodness in your life from others because you feel bad that they aren't experiencing the same? ...These are all signs that there is a lack of worthiness within you. In this case you need to focus on your self-worth and self-love in order to be open to receiving your gifts. One of the best ways to stay open to receiving is feeling the gratitude for what you have in your heart. This doesn't have to be about possessions and belongings although being grateful for what you have is also necessary. This is more about being grateful for youR body, your health, your intelligence, your emotional capacity, your divine gifts that were given to you at birth, etc.

Another example of an ego-based wish vs. a soul-based wish is; I want to lose 20lbs. Energetically this wish is very ego-based. Do you think you need to be thinner to be happy or attractive? Instead of wishing to loose weight, you can wish to be fit, vibrant and healthy-- in a body that reflects on the outside, the radiant being you are on the inside. Are you beginning to see the difference ego-based intentions and soul-based wishes? The best wishes to make are feelings, emotional healing, experiences, personal growth, clarity and guidance, etc.

Every New Moon you get to make up to 10 wishes, unless it is your SUPER MANIFESTATION POWER PERIOD indicated in your Lunar Club Work Book then you get to make 40 wishes! After writing all of your wishes check to see if any are written from the ego and rewrite them from the heart and soul.


DO Physically write you wishes by hand & voice them out loud to the universe.

DO NOT write more than 10 wishes unless it is your SUPER MANIFESTATION POWER PERIOD

DO date and sign your wishlist making it official!

Do Make sure you wishes are not ego-based.

DO trust the process that everything happens in divine accordance. If a wish doesn't come true immediately, keep repeating it, or watch to see what unexpected benefit arises instead.

DO NOT make wishes for other people. It won't work.

DO believe in and pursue your dreams! Trust your ability to go through the tests of character that pave the way to creating your own DEEP inner happiness.

DO make more that one wish around an area that is difficult or important to you.

DO NOT let yourself get stuck in the same habitual wishes and responses!

DO keep wishes separate from one another (ex: "I want the habit of smoking lifted from me" and "I want the habit of drinking alcohol totally lifted from me"are two separate wishes)

Do stay operating within the MIRACLE ZONE

And, that's it in a powerful little nutshell!  The quote, "The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn." (Ralph Waldo Emerson) also rings true for the miraculous power of one wish. Be clear, be conscious and be the divine creator you were born to be!!!  Happy Wishing!